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    October 28, 2014Special (LSIC at Matewan PK-8)
    November 6, 2014Regular (revised Friday, October 31, 2014)
    November 25, 2014Special (LSIC at Williamson PK-8; rescheduled from Tuesday, November 18, 2014) (revised Tuesday, November 25, 2014)
    December 9, 2014Regular
    January 13, 2015Regular
    January 22, 2015Workshop
    January 28, 2015Workshop
    February 10, 2015Regular
    February 13, 2015Workshop
    February 17, 2015Special(CANCELLED)
    February 24, 2015Special
    March 10, 2015Special Levy Rate
    March 10, 20152015-16 Calendar
    March 10, 2015Regular
    March 19, 2015Workshop
    April 14, 20152015-16 Calendar
    April 14, 2015Regular
    April 21, 2015Special Levy Rate
    April 21, 2015Special
    May 1, 2015Special
    May 6, 2015Regular
    May 7, 2015Special
    May 11, 2015Special
    May 26, 2015Special
    June 9, 2015Regular
    June 16, 2015Special
    June 22, 2015Special
    July 7, 2015Regular
    July 28, 2015Special
    July 29, 2015Workshop
    August 18, 2015Regular
    September 8, 2015Special
    September 15, 2015Regular
    September 24, 2015Special
    October 8, 2015Special
    October 20, 2015Regular & LSIC
    November 3, 2015LSIC
    November 6, 2015Special
    November 9, 2015Workshop
    November 17, 2015Regular & LSIC
    December 1, 2015Workshop & Special
    December 8, 2015Workshop & Special
    December 15, 2015Regular
    January 19, 2016Regular
    January 20, 2016Workshop(POSTPONED DUE TO WEATHER)
    January 21, 2016Special(POSTPONED DUE TO WEATHER)
    January 26, 2016Special
    February 9, 2016Special(POSTPONED DUE TO WEATHER)
    February 15, 2016Special
    February 16, 2016Regular
    March 1, 2016Special
    March 21, 2016Special
    March 22, 2016Regular
    April 1, 2016Special
    April 19, 2016Special
    April 19, 2016Regular
    April 26, 2016Special
    May 17, 2016Regular
    May 23, 2016Special
    June 7, 2016Regular
    June 14, 2016Special
    July 5, 2016Organizational
    July 6, 2016Special
    July 13, 2016Special
    July 18, 2016Special
    July 25, 2016Special
    August 4, 2016Special
    August 16, 2016Regular
    September 20, 2016Regular
    September 26, 2016Special
    September 26, 2016Workshop
    October 6, 2016Special
    October 18, 2016Regular & LSIC
    November 1, 2016Special & LSIC
    November 15, 2016Regular & LSIC
    November 17, 2016Special & Workshop
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    March 20, 2018 Special Levy Agenda


    The Mingo County Board of Education, meeting in special session as per West Virginia §18-5-4 July 31, 2014, agreed upon the following as themes and/or or goals for FY14.

    Each thematic and/or goal area has been developed in accordance with the county board and county superintendent’s strongest convictions, namely that:

    It is with this spirit that we share these thematic and/or goal areas, particularly to the West Virginia Board of Education which has intervened in the operation of Mingo County Schools since 2005.

    Goal 1. Cessation of West Virginia Board of Education System Intervention.

    Simply stated, it is the goal of the Mingo County Board of Education, working with its county schools superintendent, to ensure that the Mingo County School System regain local governance autonomy for its schools and school district. To that end the Mingo County Board of Education realizes such autonomy will be regained largely if the county board of education addresses each item citied under “Leadership” by the West Virginia Office of Education Performance Audits (OEPA) in its report regarding the Mingo County Board of Education provided to the West Virginia Board of Education on August 14, 2013.

    To this end, the board has:

    In furtherance of the above ends, the county superintendent will apprise the county board of progress in addressing these citations, will communicate such progress to the state superintendent of schools and the proper state Department of Education officials and will seek external technical assistance or expertise if and when such is deemed necessary to effectuate achievement of thematic or goal area.

    Goal 2. Heightened Expectations.

    Simply stated, the Mingo County Board of Education must commit to a future that is typified by an emphatic break from past ideologies that largely served to keep the system mired in a culture of distrust, placation, or resignation to small, incremental visions of innovation or change.

    To this end, the board has:

    Goal 3. Heightened Emphasis on Student Achievement.

    The Mingo County Board of Education is devoted to ensuring that its students excel in terms of student achievement as measured by various statewide or county assessments and that students, upon completion of their schooling in the Mingo County School System, be prepared for higher learning, a career or profession, the military or other gainful endeavors as part of an emphasis and respect for life-long learning.

    To this end, the board has:

    Goal 4. Celebrate Success.

    The Mingo County Board of Education is committed to advancing the evident successes that are found within its system. Celebrating these successes, however, is not an end unto itself nor is celebrating successes an appeal for brazen, unfounded system self-promotion. Rather, celebrating successes becomes an ongoing endeavor whereby the county board acknowledges seemingly small or large-scale system successes among its students, its employees and its citizenry that have or will advance the cause of public education in Mingo County.

    To this end, the board has:

    The Mingo County Board of Education, meeting September 9, 2014 has hereby adopted these goals and, as part of the action taken in so doing, forwards these to the West Virginia Board of Education, the State Superintendent of Schools, legislators representing Mingo County, various identified county elected officials, representatives of various identified county education groups, the West Virginia School Board Association, and other individuals addressed.