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    Treasurer / Chief School Business Officer Mary Daniels
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    Professional Accountant Catherine Kania
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    Professional Accountant Rodney McCoy II
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    Executive Secretary / Accountant I Wendy Cisco
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    Executive Secretary / Accountant I Theresa Dillon
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    In general, pay date are the 15th and 30th of each month unless these dates fall on a weekend or holiday. Direct deposits, checks, and pay debit card funds will be available on these dates.

    If you are a salaried employee who has elected to take your pay in equal installments (for instance, so that you receive pay checks or direct deposits over the summer), then all regular pay amounts will be the same regardless of the number of days worked during that pay period. This not only provides a more predictable income each pay period and pay throughout the year, but also helps to more evenly withhold taxes each pay. This is common practice for county boards of education across West Virginia and in businesses small and large when paying salaried employees.

    Payments for some extracurricular assignments require annual approval as personnel actions, thus they must be first recognized on a personnel agenda before they can be paid. Extra duty assignments require verification by your supervisor and must be submitted to payroll before being paid. In all cases, once the proper procedure has been followed and completed, any corrections to your pay may be made retroactively.

    All paper checks will be mailed. They will not be available at schools.

    Corrections will be processed and mailed on the dates listed above.

    Checks lost in the mail require a seven (7) business day waiting period before being reissued.

    As payroll is entered and transmitted at the school/division level, any and all questions regarding pay should be brought to your building administrator and/or direct supervisor.