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    When inclement weather or other unexpected calamity requires us, in the interest of safety, to delay the start of the school day or close school altogether, the following codes will be used when communicating with parents, students, teachers, administrators, staff, and the community. Information will also be provided to the West Virginia Department of Education, which maintains a school closings page for all WV school districts.

    Code YELLOW
    Students report to school on a two-hour delay.
    Principals, custodians, and Central Office personnel report to their work locations on normal schedule.
    All other staff report to their work locations on a one-hour delay.
    Code ORANGE
    Students do not report to school.
    Principals and Central Office personnel report to their work locations on normal schedule.
    All other staff do not report to school.
    Code BLUE
    Students do not report to school.
    All staff do not report to their work locations.

    As our county covers a wide range of geography and our roads can go from superhighway to backroad in no time, it is possible that more than one code could be applied in a single day as a situation develops, or that a code could be applied to only a single school or set of schools. If a code is applied to a school or set of schools, it is to be assumed the remaining schools in the county are on normal operations.

    Announcement of emergency operations can be found on local television stations, local radio stations, the Mingo County Schools website, and the West Virginia Department of Education website.

    Announcements will also be made on Mingo County Schools’ automated calling system. Parents, students, and staff are encouraged to notify their building administrator of any changes in phone number to ensure they receive emergency announcements from Mingo County Schools.

    Code Yellow main road pick up

    When operating on Code Yellow, to ensure the safety of our students and bus operators, we may also indicate that buses will run only on main roads in certain areas. If no indication is given, however, buses will attempt to complete their usual routes.

    Our bus operators always have the discretion to not run a particular portion of their routes or at all if they feel that it is not completely safe for them to do so. In these cases, students whose buses do not make their stops or do not run at all are excused from attending school that day.

    When operating on main roads only, buses may only pick up students along the following main roads.

    Delbarton area

    Matewan area

    Gilbert area

    Williamson area

    Dingess area

    Kermit area

    Lenore area